Mother Road Tour 2022 – Part 1 Weeks 1-3 [New Hampshire, Rt 66 to Las Vegas]

Mother Road Tour 2022 – Part 1 @ Weeks 1-3   [New Hampshire, Rt 66 to Las Vegas]

The small print . . .  as Buddy will explain in the first and last posts, I am a still imager photographer that occasionally puts my face and voice to a video.    As such these four posts are “silent films” of the sights of this epic adventure.   Add to those images a “background” of elevator music.

Perhaps someday, I will evolve into the talking head.   But I really don’t have that much to say that can over-ride the images of the adventure.    In the end,  my early years of zone system photography at the now defunct Art Institute of Boston remains in grained in me.    Too many years of being in a dark room with the smell of silver bromide and the phosphorescent glow of the GraLab analog timer in the background.

Now for the introduction . . .  in July of this year [2022],   I headed out on the road with Craig Ripley,  Living Off The Slab.   Craig had invited me to join him on an epic cross country motorcycle ride.    The ride would start in New England and travel to the Pacific Ocean and back to our homes in New England.   It would be the longest motorcycle road trip of my life.   It was an epic opportunity for which I will be eternally grateful to Craig.

I didn’t do as much photography on this trip as I typically do and I clearly fell short on providing adequate narrative support.   But, I have decided to put together four (4) video posts to document this epic road trip.

The first Part will be New England to Las Vegas.    The second Part will be the Utah National Parks – this is the section where Cheryl and Cathy would join us!   And the last Part will be the journey home.   Unfortunately, I would have to leave the trip early and head home.    As I made my bee-line trip home,  Craig would remain on course and complete the trip that he had planned.

The first video will be released Sunday – 5 February 2023.    And then one each Sunday for the next three weeks.

Thanks for watching . . .!!