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CDR 2021 – Some of the Unlikely Vistas

Perhaps off-road riding has a haz mat risk component too  😉


Photo 1 – This was the End of the Trail for me.   Location of where my front tire rim decided it couldn’t go any further


Photo 2  – Sweetwater Uranium Mine.   The building and LARGE land formation (right) appeared in the desert.   It was massive.


Photo 3 – Summitville Gold Mine (ret).    Now a super fund site.

An Untraditional Thanksgiving 2o20

This post is not about motorcycles or motorcycle travel.

It is about how 2020 has given us all pause and forced all of us redesign our daily lives and extending now into our family holidays.    It was clear that this Thanksgiving was clearly not going to look like any Normal Rockwell, my childhood, Alice’s Restaurant, or times with family who have since left us.