About Us

I started this website and blog to document my “hobbyist” motorcycle travels.    It has now been a couple of years and I remain that “hobbyist” motorcycle traveler and blogger.    However, at times the content now wanders.

In April of 2020, I retired.   A bit early but the COVID-19 world had dynamically impacted my public service job.    While I had enjoyed nearly 25 years of public service and benefited from secure and positive political cover – with COVID-19 and the rise of new management structure, it became obvious that my time in that saddle was over.     Within weeks after the political enlightenment, I was retired with no real plan other than not to make a plan.

I also had decided after years of being a dedicated Harley Davidson rider / owner, that I would migrate to BMWs.      Within a span of a couple of months I would sell my two Harleys and buy a BMW adventure motorcycle (F800 GS later upgraded to R1200 GS) and a K1600 GTL.     In August 2020, I would head out to Colorado for a week of off-road riding at RawHyde Adventures.      Nearly a month on the road,  this road trip was indeed a milestone experience that would solidify my decision to change my riding interests.

Retirement has also opened my website and blog to an interest in political satire.   I have termed myself as a “Recovering Bureaucrat from the Magic Quinndom”.      Time has also opened the website to some personal stories, observations, and some occasional “rants”.

While my primary interest and content of this website remains motorcycles and motorcycle travels,  I will often find a story that I want to tell.    I do not know where I or this website / blog will head in the future as I embark on new retirement adventures.   Time will only define that.

Be safe!!!


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