Fall 2022 – Watkins Glen State Park Run

After coming off a rather unexpected dismount on the 2022 Mother Road Tour – we decided to keep our tradition of an annual fall ride going.    Unlike any prior Fall Run …… this year would be a wet one.

We headed to Lake George NY for the first night.    That began the wet run of 2022.     That weather pattern would stay with us for the entire trip – however day 1 would force us to seek cover under a Motel 6 awning!

The only photos and videos that we did during this trip was at Watkins Glen State Park.   This short video is without narrative.    The park was a bit underwhelming after summer runs to the Utah National Parks.

But we continued our traditions and will begin to think about next year’s end of season run.

Motorcycles and Museums

I had no plans for the next day. I woke that Saturday and decided to go to town to get a coffee. There is only so much instant “camp” coffee one can have.

I rounded the corner past the old bowl mill and sited some activity around the Weston Historical Society Museum. The museums, three buildings in all were located on the town green. Idyllic and picturesque…… I was drawn in.

A Time to Stop

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