Day 28 – Natural Bridges National Park

Day 28 – Natural Bridges National Monument

We began the day in Hanksville,  UT in route to Moab, UT.    We would visit the Natural Bridges National Monument along the travels this day.    This short video includes photos and videos from the travels as well as Natural Bridges.    It was a spectacular day in every way.

Thanks to Cheryl for the video clips of some of the wonders we saw from the road!

Day 36 – Joshua Tree National Park

Day 36

Day trip from Palm Springs, CA to Joshua Tree National Park.    The only national park that requires you to present your park pass on the way in and on the way out…. don’t know perhaps they are still doing Covid protocols 😉.

We entered the park on the north side.  The ride through the park (est 1200 sq miles) is about 75 miles.    There are numerous places view, walk or hike in the park.   We saw some folks repelling down some high rock formations as well.    The road is ideal for motorcycles with its twists, curves and varying elevations.

We did hit a high temperature of 110 degrees on the way back to Palm Springs, CA.   Tomorrow, we head to Laguna Beach, CA.   Hoping for more modest temperatures as well!!


Day 33 – Milestones and Logisitcs

Day 33 Updates

We left Page, AZ yesterday to head to Las Vegas, NV – this leg would be the last of the travel time with Cheryl and Cathy.    We arrived at the hotel mid-afternoon, checked in and immediately switched from motorcycle travel mode to “going home” mode for the wives.    This was on the heels of the news sources talking about the fiasco of air travel.

Cheryl’s morning flight had gotten rescheduled…. she now had a 5:00 AM flight.    She would get up at 2:00 PM to get a taxi to the airport at 3:00 AM.    The day would start with the taxi not showing up…. Plan B would get her there timely, however.   She arrived at a VERY busy airport with long lines ……. it was 3:00 AM.    Soon after her arrival the fire alarms would sound…. the robotic voice of the alarm told the occupants NOT TO PANIC 😉.      TSA Pre-Board was not open …. Working from home due to Covid perhaps 😉.    Alarm would sound again……. getting to the front of the security check in… she would be told she needed to go to the other line. …..      She finally got through security after dumping her helmet backpack to insure she was not a terrorist.      Good thing she had the TSA Pre-Board!

As I write this she is in Baltimore, MD waiting for her final flight to NH.   I am so proud of this woman…… nothing (other than my occasional personality defects) bothers her.   A storm trooper for sure.     I will miss her greatly as we take on this final and longest leg of our Mother Road Tour adventure.

Tomorrow, we have some logistical issues to address then back on the road Friday …. go west young man.    Next update likely is from California!

Here are a couple of 2:00 AM photos …. yes,  I took photos of the taxi’s licence plates,  vehicle ID# and touched the drivers side’s rear quarter panel 😉     Also, included a couple photos of a rather dirty 6,000 mile bike.

Day 27 – Capitol Reef National Park

Even considering Utah’s many impressive national parks and monuments, it is difficult to rival Capitol Reef National Park’s sense of expansiveness, of broad, sweeping vistas, of a tortured, twisted, seemingly endless landscape, or of limitless sky and desert rock. While Bryce and Zion are like encapsulated little fantasy lands of colored stone and soaring cliffs, the less-visited Capitol Reef is almost like a planet unto itself. Here you get a real feel for what the earth might have been like before life appeared, when nothing existed but earth and sky.   [Source:]


Day 30 – Arches National Park


Day 30 – Arches National Park.    Today was our last day in Moab,  UT.    We spent the day in Arches NP.   The temperature was in the 80s,  however,  the wind gusts were near 25 plus mph.     We stopped at all of the view points and were able to walk up to / into many of the arches.     Tomorrow we head westerly to Page, AZ then onto Las Vegas, NV the next day.    From there Cheryl and Cathy will fly home and Craig and I will finish the last leg (and longest leg) of this trip.    There is much more to see and do coming up.


Day 26 – Mossy Cave and Bryce Canyon National Park.  


Some highlights of our visits to these two sites.    We took the wrong trail at Mossy Cave and ended up trekking up the side of a mountain ….. upon getting to the summit it was clear there was no cave.      Once we retreated to a mid-point on the mountain,  we saw the sign we missed and followed the correct trail to the cave.   In the end, the trek up the mountain was the value.   Bryce Canyon speaks for itself.

Day 24 – Grand Canyon’s North Rim

We left the hotel and traveled southerly to the Grand Canyon North Rim.    The trek was approximately 50 miles.    Today’s weather called for strong winds – 25 to 30 mph.    The road from Jacob Lake to the North Rim was excellent – and there was little traffic unlike yesterday’s Zion travels.    We arrived late morning and spent about three hours walking the “rim” trails and outlooks.   The winds gusts were serious … limiting some efforts to get on higher grounds for “that spectacular” view.    However,  the sights were not disappointing.     We also met a great family from east Texas – the Lopez Family.     We had some great discussions along the trail.   Funny,  we had nothing in common from the outside ….. however,  we had so much in common from the inside.    Thank you Lopez Family !!

Day 23 – We left St. George and then….

We left St. George (UT)  early morning to avoid the afternoon heat.      Our first adventure of the day was to ride to Kolob Reservoir.   Unfortunately,   Craig’s motorcycle started to overheat as we climbed the first inclines of the road.    It was decided that he would turn back and head to St. George to regroup and arrange transportation of his motorcycle to Las Vegas (NV) for service.   We would continue on to Zion National Park and our hotel in Jacob’s Lake.     For now,  we will stay on course and await updates from Craig regarding the repair of his motorcycle.     To early to call what is next for the Mother Road Tour 2022.