RHG 2023 – Ireland Tour – Part 1

Being old you run out of gift ideas for your spouse.    As such, years ago we ceased trying to come up with that special gift and decided we would do travel trips for each other’s birthday(s).    In March of 2023 Cheryl had a milestone birthday (if you wish to know which milestone . . . you ask her) back to the story.   So, a month or so before I asked her where she’d like to go for her birthday.    To my surprise she immediately answered …. IRELAND.

My son, Kate and he twins had gone to IRELAND shortly before Christmas.   So, I suggested that Cheryl reach out to Kate as they are both genetically pre-dispositioned to micro-planning!    Within 48 hours the trip was planned and booked.    We would be leaving for Ireland at the end of the month.

Unlike motorcycle traveling, packing for this trip would be far easier.     We packed up and waited for this epic trip.

During the trip I posted a daily short reel / video of the day’s highlights.   It was a blast to be casual about the whole photo and video thing.     This week I got back to my files and decided to make two longer videos of our IRELAND trip.    Like most of the RHG posts these too would be no talkies …. but then again, the audience is Cheryl and I and about 10 subscribers (mostly family and friends who can be intimidated to watch these).

I was also able to stay in touch with Pat and Kate for remote guidance!    It was nearly as good as traveling with them.    Maybe for my next milestone birthday we will pull off a multi-generational birthday trip.     I am thinking Switzerland ……. and Kate is already on it!

Anyway ……. Part 1 is available 30 April 2023 and the second and final 2023 RHG Ireland Trip will be posted next Sunday.


Coming soon ….the RHG 2023 Summer trip announcement!!