Day 33 – Milestones and Logisitcs

Day 33 Updates

We left Page, AZ yesterday to head to Las Vegas, NV – this leg would be the last of the travel time with Cheryl and Cathy.    We arrived at the hotel mid-afternoon, checked in and immediately switched from motorcycle travel mode to “going home” mode for the wives.    This was on the heels of the news sources talking about the fiasco of air travel.

Cheryl’s morning flight had gotten rescheduled…. she now had a 5:00 AM flight.    She would get up at 2:00 PM to get a taxi to the airport at 3:00 AM.    The day would start with the taxi not showing up…. Plan B would get her there timely, however.   She arrived at a VERY busy airport with long lines ……. it was 3:00 AM.    Soon after her arrival the fire alarms would sound…. the robotic voice of the alarm told the occupants NOT TO PANIC 😉.      TSA Pre-Board was not open …. Working from home due to Covid perhaps 😉.    Alarm would sound again……. getting to the front of the security check in… she would be told she needed to go to the other line. …..      She finally got through security after dumping her helmet backpack to insure she was not a terrorist.      Good thing she had the TSA Pre-Board!

As I write this she is in Baltimore, MD waiting for her final flight to NH.   I am so proud of this woman…… nothing (other than my occasional personality defects) bothers her.   A storm trooper for sure.     I will miss her greatly as we take on this final and longest leg of our Mother Road Tour adventure.

Tomorrow, we have some logistical issues to address then back on the road Friday …. go west young man.    Next update likely is from California!

Here are a couple of 2:00 AM photos …. yes,  I took photos of the taxi’s licence plates,  vehicle ID# and touched the drivers side’s rear quarter panel 😉     Also, included a couple photos of a rather dirty 6,000 mile bike.