CDR 2021 – Some of the Unlikely Vistas

Perhaps off-road riding has a haz mat risk component too¬† ūüėČ


Photo 1 – This was the End of the Trail for me.¬† ¬†Location of where my front tire rim decided it couldn’t go any further


Photo 2  РSweetwater Uranium Mine.   The building and LARGE land formation (right) appeared in the desert.   It was massive.


Photo 3 РSummitville Gold Mine (ret).    Now a super fund site.

Colorado Solo Run – Part 1 Completed

Part 1 has been completed! That is, I made it to Woodland Park, Colorado – my staging location for my RawHyde Adventures training which starts tomorrow (Aug 7, 2020). I have done daily posts on the RHG Instagram and Facebook pages. I have attached the post / photos that I did along my way from New Hampshire to Colorado. Made great time and all and all had good weather — all variations of it!!

I had time to ride Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods after arriving here. There will be more to follow on these.

Starting tomorrow, I will have no WiFi or cell access for nearly six days. Thus, there will be no updates to the RHG website, Facebook, Instagram or You Tube channel.

Next Gen 2020 – Colorado Solo Run

Planning to head to Colorado in a week for adventure motorcycle training at RawHyde Adventures [RHA] @ Colorado. Will travel to Colorado on my “new to me” K1600 GTL. Once at RHA I will have five days of adventure motorcycle training…… and no internet or cell service! My post training plans are still being developed……….. more to follow!